Grades Tuition

The total course cost is $8,750/year ($17,500 total) payable in various payment plans. Some tuition assistance loans and grants may be available through AWSNA.

Early Childhood In-Service Tuition

Cost of In-service Option is $11,500

The tuition covers the cost of the six summer intensive weeks and the 6 seminars, including 2 days of mentoring during each school year for a total of 4 days. The student is required to host and pay for the travel expenses of the mentor. SCC provides stipends to both in-house and outside mentors. Additional costs will include books and may include travel or housing for out-of-town students.

Early Childhood Pre-Service Tuition

Cost of the Pre-service Option is $13,500.

The tuition covers the cost of tuition for the 6 summer intensives and 6 seminars, stipends for practicum supervisors and institute approved adviser visit. Additional costs include books and may include travel and housing for out-of-town students.

Certificate Completion Transfer Program

The tuition for this program is based on individual assessment. Students are also responsible for any travel or housing costs for residential weeks and for any travel or housing fees for observation/mentoring visits by the student’s advisor/mentor ( 2 visits expected. Local mentors will be used whenever possible.). SCC is able to work out a reasonable payment schedule with students.

Summer Intensive Tuition

The cost of Summer Intensive for early registration prior to June 1st is $750.00 and $800.00 after June 1st. This is for students participating only in Summer Intensives. For Teacher Training Students summer is included in the annual tuition amount.

Foundation Studies

Cost is TBD

There is a $250.00 transferring student fee applied to all transfer students tuition.