Conference 2021

Conference Facilitators

Orland Bishop is the founder and director of ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation in Los Angeles, where he has pioneered approaches to urban truces and mentoring at-risk youth that combine new ideas with traditional ways of knowledge. ShadeTree serves as an intentional community of mentors, elders, teachers, artists, healers and advocates for the healthy development of children and youth. Orland’s work in healing and human development is framed by an extensive study of medicine, naturopathy, psychology and indigenous cosmologies, primarily those of South and West Africa.

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Andrea Preiss grew up in the South of Germany. Her love for movement and her deep interest in the human being guided her on her path. Andrea started out as a Physical Therapist in 1982, completed her Feldenkrais training in 1993, received a Eurythmy Diploma in Munich in 2002 and her Therapeutic Eurythmy Diploma in Copake, NY in 2011. Andrea holds a BA of Arts in Eurythmy. Andrea has been working with children and human beings all ages for 40 years, and she is still passionate about the healing capacities of movement. She works out of her private practice in Seattle.

Anouk Tompot was born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland and studied biology at the University of Amsterdam, where she received a Master’s degree and worked in the department of Biology and Society. Disillusioned by the ability of western scientific methods to address the question of what life is, Anouk explored many eastern and mystical traditions and systems. Anouk discovered a bridge between east and west when she encountered Anthroposophy and the physical, social and spiritual aspects of life came together. She is a graduate of Rudolf Steiner College and has been teaching for over 15 years in Waldorf Schools, mostly as a high school teacher, but also has experience in early childhood and grade school. She has been teaching foundation studies classes at Sound Circle for the last ten years.

Jeffrey Hipolito is a graduate of Rudolf Steiner College and has been a humanities teacher at Seattle Waldorf High School for twelve years. He has been teaching foundations studies classes in evolution of consciousness at Sound Circle teacher training for eight years. He earned a PhD. from University of Washington, focusing on Romanticism, and contributed a chapter to The Oxford Handbook of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He is currently focused on the life and work of Owen Barfield, with whom he played chess as a boy and shared a correspondence as a teenager. He has chapters on Barfield forthcoming in collections published by Cambridge Scholars Press and Palgrave/Macmillan. He is editing a collection of Owen Barfield’s fiction for Parlor Press, and is working on a book about him as well.

Nancy Pfeiffer grew up in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated with a BA from DePaul University, where she studied Art and Theatre. She apprenticed and worked with several potters at both Lill Street Pottery Studio in Chicago and Pottery Northwest in Seattle. Her interest in Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy began with Early Childhood Classes from Sound Circle. This led her to become a Waldorf Teacher. For the past 17 years she has taught classes primarily at the Whidbey Island Waldorf School from Early Childhood to the Middle School.

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