Cultivating Courageous Spaces

Cultivating Courageous Spaces for DEI and our Shared Stories

Please join us for our upcoming 10 part series Our Gardens:

A path forward for discovery and healing with Kenya Strong & Leslie Woolverton

A call for our times now is to take active, genuine interest in one another that sees and sets aside our visual differences and honors our uniquely individualized journeys. Through this course, participants will form a collegial community of dialog, sharing stories and exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We will support cultural consciousness and awareness that allows for a deepening of individual understanding, practice and inspiration for our work as teachers in Early Childhood and Grades.

An Invitation for a Personal Journey and a Healing Space for the Inner Path of Cultural Awareness.

For students, alumni and friends of Sound Circle Center.

Through 10 monthly conversations between February and December 2022, Sound Circle Faculty Leslie Woolverton and Kenya Strong will guide participants on a journey towards realizing a greater depth of understanding of their personal ecology of cultural awareness through shared stories, biography, artistic work, and deep conversations.

Beginning Monday Feb 28 4:30 - 6:00 pm Pacific (7:30 - 9:00 Eastern)

With sessions (Feb 28, Mar 28, Apr 25, May 23, June 27, July 25, Sep 26, Oct 24, Nov 28, Dec 19)

This is a virtual course and will be held online.

Pay what you can

We are seeking a commitment to the whole series to develop a close community.

This course is open to 20 participants. Registration is open until all the seats are filled.

10 Sessions Suggested Rate for One Participant $200 (Recommended amount)

10 Sessions Discounted Rate for One Participant $100

10 Sessions Free - We ask for committed participation so the group that comes together can work with a question over time.

10 Sessions Sponsorship Rate - One Participant + Sponsorship of One Participant $500

This course is a professional development offering hosted by Sound Circle Center for Arts & Anthroposophy. At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion from Sound Circle for 15 hours.

We must eradicate from the soul all fear and terror of what comes towards us out of the future. We must acquire serenity in all feelings and sensibilities concerning the future. We must look forward with absolute equanimity to all that may come, and we must think only that whatever comes is given to us by a world direction full of wisdom. It is part of what we must learn in this age, namely, to live out of pure trust, without any security in existence; trust in the ever-present help of the spiritual world. Truly nothing else will do if our courage is not to fail us. Let us discipline our will, and let us seek the awakening from within ourselves.

~ Rudolf Steiner

A note from the course leaders

Leslie: I have lived my entire life drawn to all aspects of DEI, even before it was given a clean, contemporary title. Diversity work encompasses an endless cycle of emotions - joy, acceptance, empathy, resistance, trauma and pain. Becoming aware of this can fundamentally lead us back to joy- certainly to growth- as we move towards greater love, honor, and acceptance for us all. Our selfless work together must happen in order to bring real change in our world and allow our true humanity to blossom. Our work supporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice is for all of us. By actively seeking conversations that develop courageous spaces, we can build hope and interest for us all. By sharing our stories and lived experiences, with active listening, we can establish and build trust.

Kenya: I find my deepest joy in helping others reach their greatest potential. I carry all of my life experiences into my services to help me connect with my students and colleagues. I have a Masters degree in Education and a Waldorf certification. As a Certified Life Coach and consultant to support families adjusting to our shifting social paradigm, I bring more than twenty five years of teaching and service experience. During my Waldorf teaching years, I founded and chaired her school’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to help move the community into relevant and timely transformation. I continue my growth and work to bring equality and social justice to the forefront of education.

Confidence is one of the golden words that must govern social life in the future. The other golden word is love, love of that which we have to do. And in the future, good deeds will be done out of love for humanity.

~Rudolf Steiner