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Tuition Assistance

Tuition And Fees

Tuition for 2018/19 is $7,950.00. Tuition for subsequent years may increase, but we are committed to keeping it affordable for working families.

After your non-refundable application fee of $125.00, a deposit of $500.00 (applied towards your tuition balance) is required to secure your placement in the Teacher Training Program. The remaining balance can be paid in full to receive a 3% discount or in 8 equal payments. Students sign an Enrollment Agreement and make their first payment prior to the first day of class.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance was established to assist students who are admitted and enrolled in Sound Circle Center’s Waldorf Teacher Training Program. It is Sound Circle’s view that money is an expression of will, and it is very important for those contemplating a Waldorf teaching vocation to be strong in their will forces. Once a student has demonstrated the commitment and resourcefulness to secure the funds necessary for Foundation Studies, and has proven satisfactory progress in their class work, SCC stands ready to assist them financially in the Waldorf Teacher Training Program. Tuition assistance is available through AWSNA loans and grants. Sound Circle Center may offer scholarships if funds are available to do so. Please know that the awards vary from year to year and are usually within the $500-$3000 range.

We work proactively with our students to discuss practical, manageable tuition payments options, including monthly payments plans, and to offer guidance where necessary.

Student Eligibility

Sound Circle Tuition Assistance is needs-based and available to all students who are admitted and enrolled in the Sound Circle Teacher Training Program.

Currently Available Tuition Assistance

Sound Circle Center Tuition Assistance

How do I apply?

Complete the Sound Circle Tuition Assistance Application.

Note: The Sound Circle Tuition Assistance Committee asks that each applicant for tuition assistance apply for an AWSNA loan, or, if applicable, a Currently Practicing Teacher Grant and it is expected that every available source of financial support is utilized. Failure to apply for AWSNA funds may affect the amount of aid granted by the Committee

Association Of Waldorf Schools In North America (AWSNA)

Read about AWSNA loans and matching grants.

AWSNA Loans:

Amount varies each year. Forgiven through full-time work in an AWSNA-affiliated school for three years after graduation from Sound Circle Center.

How do I apply?

Complete the AWSNA Loan application.

AWSNA Matching Grants

Who is eligible?

Currently practicing teachers in an AWSNA-affiliated school. The school MUST commit to paying a portion of the tuition for the student to be eligible

How do I apply?

Complete the AWSNA Matching Grant application, and include a letter from the school that commits a specific amount towards your studies at Sound Circle.

A letter from school must accompany your application. Grant amount depends on the amount available.

Michael Foundation

The Michael Foundation is a private fund dedicated to supporting the education of Waldorf teachers. Applications must be received before February 1 in order to qualify for grants to be applied to the June 1- May 31 academic year. For more information, please go to