The Art of Teaching Spanish

Rosa Vela Sachs is a retired Waldorf Spanish teacher with 26 years experience teaching in the Waldorf classroom. She currently offers mentoring support to Spanish teachers in various areas of North America.

Ornella Betancourt has Music studies at the Universidad del Valle, Waldorf Pedagogy Pre-Seminar in Cali, Postgraduate Diploma in Music, Pedagogy and Anthroposophy at MenschMusik Hamburg, Waldorf Teachers Seminar in Hamburg, Training in Intuitive Pedagogy with Pär Ahlbom, Emergency Pedagogy, and Audiopedie. 15 years of experience as a waldorf music teacher in Cali-Colombia and in Hamburg-Germany.

Application Deadline is July 21, 2021

Cost of the program is $350.00 per week (for all application received prior to July 1st) Registration received after July 1st will be $400.00 per week.

If you are a school looking to send five or more participants please contact the Business Manager for group rates

Course Location: Virtual (A zoom link will be sent out a few days prior to the start of your course)