Professional Development Offerings for Practicing Teachers

SCC is pleased to announce it’s revised programs for Summer 2020. In response to the needs of teachers, potential teachers, and school leaders everywhere, we have reshaped our summer offerings. We will continue our striving to provide engaging, transformative co-creative learning experiences that lead to new capacities, insights, and competencies needed by today’s teachers and leaders.

Professional Development Programs

Our professional development programs for practicing teachers are being postponed until summer 2021.

Our teacher training program, with current cohorts in EC and GS, will continue this summer with a hybrid of online and in-person (government regulations permitting) programs, making the best of both modalities.

The following programs are still available:

Certificate Completion Program

Last fall we launched a new program to support experienced teachers who never completed their certification in getting their Waldorf teaching certificate. The program requires 5 weeks of coursework in our ongoing teacher education program, in topic areas that meet the remaining needs of the participant, independent research and study, and mentoring. For more information click here.

Leading with Spirit: Leadership Training

Our ongoing professional development program for school leaders and administrative staff will be completed online this summer.

For more information on Leading with Spirit Click HERE.

Click HERE for more information about our Grades and EC Teacher Training Program.

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