Betsy Weill holds a B.A. in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and a Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Pacific Oaks College. She also studied Spacial Dynamics and has been a Waldorf Teacher for 29 years in early childhood and grade school classes. Betsy is inspired by the light in children’s eyes and the never-ending hope for a better future for all. During her time away from work she loves to be outside, walk, run, do yoga, play mah jongg and spend time with family and friends.

Bonnie Freundlich holds a Diploma from the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart, Germany, an M.A. in Creative Arts in Therapy and a B.A. in Literature. She has worked as a movement therapist in therapeutic and educational settings since 2006 and has taught eurythmy in Waldorf schools since 2000. Bonnie feels it is an honor to support the growth of each child on a unique journey and loves connecting with students from her early years of teaching, now young adults. In her free time, Bonnie enjoys gardening and eurythmy performance work.

Anouk Tompot was born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland and studied biology at the University of Amsterdam, where she received a Master’s degree and worked at the department of Biology and Society. Disillusioned by the limits of western scientific to address what life is, Anouk explored many eastern and mystical traditions and systems. One of the many things she gained in raising her three children was to find Waldorf education. Anouk discovered a bridge between east and west when she encountered Anthroposophy and the physical, social and spiritual aspects of life came together. She took the Waldorf High School Training in Sacramento in 2008 and started teaching biology at the Denver Waldorf School. Anouk lives with her husband and children in Seattle, where she currently teaches life science at the Seattle Waldorf High School.

Holly Koteen Soulé received her BA and MA from Antioch University in Seattle, and studied Waldorf education at Emerson College. She was a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher for 18 years, first at the Seattle Waldorf School and then as the founding teacher of the Bright Water School, also in Seattle. She has led courses in early childhood for several teacher training centers and has served as an AWSNA consultant for developing schools. Holly has been on the core faculty of Sound Circle Center since 1995, where she has has taught Early Childhood education.

Tommi Morgan lives on Whidbey Island, and enjoys gardening, traveling and spending time with her husband and three children. She received her Waldorf Teacher Training at the Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento. She studied at University of Washington where she received her BA in English, her Washington State teaching certificate and her MA of Education. She has been an educator since 1985, working as a class teacher, subject teacher, and block teacher in grades K-8. She also has worked as a high school integrated language arts teacher. Her recent work has included the promotion of international youth travel, and guiding a youth group on their trip to Nicaragua. In addition she works with private clients using art as therapy. Currently she is the director of the Waldorf teacher training program in Xian, China, is a core faculty member at SCC, and mentors teachers at Waldorf schools both in the United States and abroad.

Nancy Pfeiffer grew up in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated with a BA from DePaul University, where she studied Art and Theatre. She apprenticed and worked with several potters at both Lill Street Pottery Studio in Chicago and Pottery Northwest in Seattle. Her interest in Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy began with Early Childhood Classes from Sound Circle. This led her to become a Waldorf Teacher. For the past 17 years she has taught classes primarily at the Whidbey Island Waldorf School from Early Childhood to the Middle School.

Nettie Fabrie was born and raised in the Netherlands. She earned a masters degree in Education and worked two years as a public school teacher while training to become a Waldorf teacher. She took two classes from first through eighth grade in the Brabant Waldorf School in Eindhoven. During these years she took several courses related to Waldorf education in Stuttgart, Germany and Dornach, Switzerland. In 1992 she earned a BA in Art History from the University of Leyden, and in 1996 a BA in History from Fontys University in Tilburg, then taught art history and history at the high school level. In 1998 she completed a degree in Internal Pedagogical Management, and in 1993 and 1994 mentored grade school teachers at Seattle Waldorf School to increase the education quality. From 1994 to 2000 she worked as a remedial and high school teacher in the Brabant Waldorf School, traveling frequently to the United States and Canada to mentor teachers in several schools. In 1991, she founded the summer teacher training program in Pardubice, Czech Republic - a course still held yearly and now financially supported by the European Community Council. She is currently the Director of Pedagogy at the Seattle Waldorf School, and is a Program Director of Sound Circle Center teacher training. With her husband, Wim Gottenbos, she wrote a Waldorf school math resource book for grades one through five. In her free time Nettie enjoys working in the garden, going to the theater, concerts and art museums.

Robyn Jones taught at the Whidbey Island Waldorf School for eight years as both a movement and class teacher. She earned her Waldorf teaching certificate from Antioch New England and has completed a training in Spacial Dynamics. She holds degrees in Liberal Arts and Landscape architecture and is a trained massage therapist. She teaches music and movement classes at Sound Circle.

Mary Oak trained in Storytelling and Creative Writing and began her teaching at Emerson College in England. She holds a M.F.A in Creative Writing and a B.A. degree in Mythopoetics and Sacred Ecology, both from Antioch University. Mary's book, [i]Oratorio: One Woman's Journey through Love, Death and Modern Medicine,[/i] is about living and almost dying with a congenital heart disease -- mystically, medically, physically and metaphysically. In addition to teaching, Mary works as a writing guide with individuals and has been published in a variety of journals. She taught Language Arts at Hazel Wolf High School for five years and has been on the core faculty of Sound Circle Teacher Training since 1998. She is mother of three sons and a daughter, each of whom attended some years in a Waldorf school and are now in their twenties and thirties.

Wim Gottenbos holds an M.A. in Education, a Waldorf Teaching Certificate, as well as a Remedial Teaching Certificate. Wim has worked in Waldorf schools for over 40 years and continues to be thrilled by working with the children in his class. His passions outside of work include beekeeping, gardening and reading.

Laura Payne grew up in a loving family -- spending most of her childhood in the wild outdoors, and when inside, experiencing the joy of music (classical violin and singing). She has many interests, but finds great inspiration and wholeness while teaching. Prior to becoming a mother (and subsequently discovering Waldorf education), Laura earned a Liberal Arts degree in English (Creative Writing), and a Masters and PhD in Science (ecology, birds, conservation). Once Waldorf education entered her life, she completed the Waldorf teaching certificate (Early Childhood) through Sound Circle Center. She became a weekly intern in the Seattle Waldorf School Kindergartens (for 6 years), and worked as the First Grade Assistant at the SWS grade school. She is in her second year of Spacial Dynamics training, and is an active student of Compassionate Communication, both areas of which inform and deepen her teaching.

Michael Soulé is a Waldorf educator and consultant with more than 30 years’ experience working for, advising and advocating for Waldorf schools throughout the US, Mexico, Canada and other parts of the world. He completed training in Spacial Dynamics and Waldorf teaching, holds an MA In Waldorf Education and studied at the Social Development Centre at Emerson College. He has been a class teacher, movement teacher, school administrator, board member, regional rep, Leader of Programs for AWSNA and is currently a consultant to several schools. He’s a founding member at Sound Circle Center in Seattle, where he helped create and direct the NW Mentoring seminar. Michael earned degrees from Northwestern University and UC Berkeley and helped found and lead several non-profit organizations earlier in his career.

John Jacobs was borne and raised in Michigan. He attended Michigan State University and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied sculpture and painting. John has worked in the building industry for over 50 years as a carpenter, foreman, project manager, superintendent, designer and general contractor. He has also been a cabinet and furniture maker, blacksmith / metal worker, wood carver, sculptor and artist in various media. John has taught woodcarving, blacksmithing, printmaking and drawing at the Whidbey Island Waldorf School. John's wife is a Waldorf Teacher and all of their three children have a K-12 Waldorf education.

Timothy Morrissey teaches Math and Science at Seattle Waldorf High School. He has been a Waldorf teacher for 18 years, primarily as a grade school class teacher at Olympia Waldorf School. Tim completed his Waldorf teacher training at Sound Circle Center in 2007, and has also completed the Sensible Science course with Michael d'Aleo. Prior to becoming a teacher, he was founder and operator of Coyote Creek Farm, an organic CSA farm just south of Olympia. His education is in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, with degrees from Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is married and has three grown sons.

William Gentner holds a B.F.A. in Theater, as well as a Waldorf Teaching Certificate and has been a Waldorf class teacher since 2003. William moved from Hawaii to Seattle for the weather and loves to hike and practice yoga.

Carol Bärtges is a graduate of the Rudolf Steiner School and holds an undergraduate (Williams College) and several graduate degrees (NYU, The Graduate Center) in English and Comparative Literature. Currently, she teaches full time at the Rudolf Steiner High School; she has also served as class teacher, drama teacher and administrator in her long association with the school. For ten years, Carol was a member of the AWSNA Leadership Council as the representative for the Mid-Atlantic region; she has often brought Speech and Drama classes to various Waldorf teacher training summer programs and is delighted to be back teaching Speech at Sound Circle.