Spanish Teacher Development Program

Orejas largas, rabo cortito, corro y salto muy ligerito.

Welcome to the Waldorf Spanish Development Program

The Leadership Groups of WSTA and Sound Circle are delighted to introduce a new Spanish language teacher development program, created in partnership with WSTA and SCC. This program is designed for aspiring and current Spanish teachers embracing the principles of the Waldorf educational philosophy, and offers a dynamic and engaging approach to language teaching, integrating Spanish into a variety of enriching activities and cultural experiences. Through storytelling, artistic expression, and interactive group activities, the faculty creates an immersive and supportive environment where aspiring and current teachers can embark on and deepen their professional development with confidence and joy.

Program Objectives:

Virtual Open House - April 13, 8:30am PT

Program :

Program Details:

El amor es la única fuerza capaz de transformar a un enemigo en amigo.

 -MLK Junior


The curriculum includes:

Length of the Program

Join us as we embark on creating a lively and enriching Spanish teacher development program!

Maria Cardenas, GS Director Sound Circle Center for Arts and Anthroposophy

Diamela Wetzl, Ximena SIerra, Barbara Wauters, Maria Creamer, Kim Napa, WSTA Leadership Group

For more information contact Maria Cardenas,