SCC's Annual Report for the Year 2018 - 2019

Sound Circle Center’s Annual Report for the Year 2018-19

Many annual reports focus on numbers. However, the financial facts give only a partial view of what we do at Sound Circle Center for Arts and Anthroposophy, so they are shown at the end of this report. We want to focus on our non-financial accomplishments.

Teacher Training

SCC’s main activity is Waldorf teacher training and development. By the end of July 2019, we had a cumulative total of 200 graduates since we began. Most of our graduates who teach are doing so in the nine Waldorf Schools in the Puget Sound area. Sound Circle Center is one of eleven Waldorf teacher training institutes in North America. In the spring of 2019 twenty-five students were enrolled in the Early Childhood and Grades Teacher Training Program (TTP), and sixteen Professional Development students were enrolled in our Advanced Seminar training for experienced Waldorf teachers. Our Teacher Training Program is part time over a twenty-five-month period, which requires over 500 hours for EC and over 900 hours for grades, it includes Foundation Studies and Practicum. Both the Grades and Early Childhood Program accommodate in-service as well as pre-service students. In 2018-19 we provided almost $29,000 in financial aid to our teacher trainees, which was in the form of loans and grant funds from the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America.

Capacity Building

In 2019 Sound Circle Center returned to its original form of group administration of pedagogical duties. We are fortunate to have faculty members who have been with us for many years. Holly Koteen-Soule our EC Program Director, Tommi Morgan our Grades Program Director and Michael Soule our Pedagogical Administrator along with Core Faculty members Nancy Pfeiffer, Robyn Jones and Sally Boyd, make up the core carrying group for these programs. We expect that this structure will provide more ease, continuity and efficiency and enable us to focus more on increasing and retaining enrollment and developing more programs.

Board of Trustees

We are very pleased to have five very dedicated Board members. Martha Collins, Cathy Buller, Dave Wakeley, Diann Shope and Board Chair Jim Krantz. We are currently looking for new board members.

In Memoriam

In August of 2018 we suffered a great loss in the death of our longtime Business Manager, Ed Vernon. Ed was not just a capable bookkeeper, he always went beyond his formal job responsibilities because he believed in the mission of Waldorf Education.

He spent whatever time was needed to help students who were experiencing financial difficulties to develop a workable payment plan for their tuition and in the process helped both them and Sound Circle Center. He always had the legal and accounting requirements in mind as he worked with us to find more efficient ways to do our financial tasks. Ed was willing to think outside the box. And he did all this with an endearing self-deprecation and sense of humor that made him a valued coworker. We deeply appreciate Ed’s faithful service and all he did for Sound Circle Center.


The IRS Form 990 for the Sept 1, 2017 - August 31, 2018 fiscal year is available for public inspection. Accounting is done on an accrual basis.


Grants and Contributions 13,570

Program Services 279,878

Interest 31

Total Revenues $293,479


Salaries and Payroll Taxes 160,347

Other Expenses 70,942

Total Expenses $236,456