Apprenticeship Opportunity

Grades Apprenticeship Opportunity


The SCC Apprenticeship program provides support for SCC teacher training students to work in a Waldorf school as an intern for 12 weeks, including supervised classroom teaching and participation in school life and activities as a member of the faculty. During the 12 weeks, it is expected that the student teacher will spend 6 weeks in one classroom, doing 2 weeks of observation and 4 weeks of the main lesson teaching to complete one of their practicums. Students may also complete their second practicum in another class. Students will also attend and/or teach other lessons in the school, complete child observations, conduct ongoing action research, and document their learning as outlined in the SCC Practicum Handbook.

The program, sponsored and co-funded by AWSNA, provides a small grant to be matched by the school to support the student teacher in their apprenticeship. The program requires the school to provide an apprenticeship coordinator and a supervising teacher for the practicum (it may be the same person), match the grant from AWSNA, and complete paperwork for the program. The student is required to document and report their activities and learning, including completing all the paperwork necessary for a practicum.

Requirements for Apprenticeship Candidate’s

Students interested in the program should contact Sally Boyd, the SCC GS Practicum Coordinator , who can answer questions, help in understanding the program and assist in making connections with a potential school.

 Currently, SCC has funding for one apprenticeship per school year. Should more students be interested we will explore other funding possibilities.

 We are also aware of the challenges facing most schools for the coming year and the limitations this may place on a school’s ability to support an apprenticeship. 

Responsibilities of the School

• Commit matching funds for student

 • Complete contract with SCC indicating program coordinator and supervising teacher(s) 

• Hire student, and create a  work plan that includes a variety of pedagogical work in the school, including such things as classroom support, recess duty, teaching, participation in faculty meetings, professional development, in-service training, and other activities in the life of the school..

• Sign off on the documentation report at the end of the program.

Responsibilities of the Student

 • Express interest in the program with your faculty advisor by September 10.

• Be willing to make the initial contact with a potential school.

• When a potential school has expressed interest, work with the assistance of SCC faculty and the participating school to complete the application outlining the details of the potential apprenticeship.

 • If the apprenticeship is approved and a contract signed with the school, the student will complete agreed upon responsibilities for the school, complete practicum requirements for SCC and write a reflection on the overall experience to be shared with AWSNA and the community.

If, after you have read through the information on the SCC website, you have questions or need clarification, please be in touch we can answer any questions you may have

If you are interested in the Apprenticeship Opportunity please fill out and submit the Apprenticeship Interest Form Below