Working Together SCC Handbook

Information about Sound Circle Center

Sound Circle Center is an independent, not-for-profit adult learning community. Sound Circle Center offers inspiring Waldorf teacher education programs, summer courses, and year-round workshops in professional development, leadership, parenting and Waldorf Education. The teachings of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf Education, are at the heart of our mission, and we are dedicated to the support of Waldorf Education in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

Welcome to Sound Circle Center

All of us at SCC, including board members, faculty, administrative staff and students, are actively engaged in bringing the vision and core values of Sound Circle Center into the life of our community. This handbook is designed to help new participants understand the roles, rights and responsibilities of becoming a member of the SCC community. In 2019-20, Waldorf communities all over the world celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the founding of the first Waldorf School. To the teachers of the first school Rudolf Steiner offered the following encouragement for their development.

Be a person of initiative. Take an interest in everything in the world. Never grow stale. Have courage as you seek and connect with what is right and true. Cultivate imaginative thinking. Take care of those around you.

You are invited to join us in remembering the significance of the founding of the first school, in celebrating the successes of the last one hundred years, and in being a part of renewing the work for the next one hundred years.

Mission Statement

The mission of Sound Circle Center for Arts and Anthroposophy is to train Waldorf Teachers and provide education and support to Waldorf communities. We are committed to personal and social renewal through the study and practice of Arts and Anthroposophy.

Core Value Statement

Inspired by the insights of Rudolf Steiner, Sound Circle Center nurtures spiritual and social awakening to encourage conscious participation in unfolding human and cosmic evolution.