Program Offerings

Sound Circle Center offers a variety of programs in arts, anthroposophy and education

Sound Circle Teacher Training

This program prepares students to practice Waldorf education in early childhood and grade school environments. Through an intensive format that integrates Foundation studies over 26 months, students are immersed in the theory and practice of Waldorf education so that they are well-prepared and confident to work with children.  

More information on EC Teacher Training

More information on Grades Teacher Training

Join us on April 20th for a Virtual Open House

You will have the opportunity to learn more about Sound Circle Center’s Teacher Training Programs, have your questions answered, and meet our faculty and students. Open house begins at 9am PST and includes time for questions about our Early Childhood program as well as our Grades program. 

Sound Circle Speech 

Working with one’s own speaking can be a powerful path of self development.

To a trained ear, the spoken word reveals the inner, wisdom-filled soul life of the speaker.  Speech carries a spiritual potency that moves both the speaker and the listener. When our speech becomes a blessing, we too are blessed. Craig Giddens & Daniel Stokes have dedicated their lives to cultivating a living speech and to guiding others to enlivened speech.  In this new training they will lead us on this path of speech for self and human development, especially suited for teachers 

Professional Development Courses

Each summer Sound Circle Center offers courses for the greater community as well as professional development for teachers throughout North America. Hundreds of participants have attended intensive courses and workshops on Waldorf early childhood and grade school curriculum, Eurythmy, board of trustees work, collegial work, the arts, remedial education and other pedagogical topics. Guest teachers from Europe and across America have joined our local faculty to offer superb courses where participants can renew themselves and replenish their forces for teaching and other work. Read more

Arts & Anthroposophy

Sound Circle’s Arts & Anthroposophy Program is a creative gateway into the work of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and the profound world-view of Anthroposophy. This program of spiritual discovery, self-transformation, personal growth and renewal leads towards healing and cultural renewal. Arts & Anthroposophy is designed to bring the study and practice of Anthroposophy into everyday life. We will be focusing on the practical use and application of study, meditation and art as a gateway to the metamorphosis of the self. Read more

Advanced Seminar

Recognizing the need for continuing support of Waldorf teachers in the area, Sound Circle Center created a course for experienced teachers, similar to the highly successful mentoring seminar offered from 2006-2012. These weekend retreat seminars offer time to explore deeper aspects of the pedagogy with other experienced colleagues. Read more

Administrative Training

Sound Circle hosts the Leading with Spirit, “Art of Administration” two-year program and summer intensives for school leaders and administrative staff interested in delving deeper into the social dynamics of school organization in the light of the spirit. This program is offered each year on Whidbey Island and in Hawthorne Valley NY. Read more

Introductory Classes

Sound Circle Center offers occasional classes and courses for personal development, including an introduction to Waldorf education, the Arts, Parenting and Anthroposophy (the work of Rudolf Steiner). Classes are often offered at the request of a few individuals who would like to explore life in the light of the spirit. Please let us know if you have a group that would like to form a class, and sign up for our newsletter to hear about offerings as they emerge.  For information contact