Arts & Anthroposophy

"To be free is to be capable of thinking one's own thoughts - not the thoughts merely of the body, or of society, but thoughts generated by one's deepest, most original, most essential and spiritual self, one's individuality."

-Rudolf Steiner

Arts & Anthroposophy Program 

Explore Anthroposophy - The Wisdom of Being Human 

Sound Circle’s Arts & Anthroposophy Program is a creative gateway into the work of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and the profound world-view of Anthroposophy. This program of spiritual discovery, self-transformation, personal growth and renewal leads towards healing and cultural renewal. Arts & Anthroposophy is designed to bring the study and practice of Anthroposophy into everyday life. We will be focusing on the practical use and application of study, meditation and art as a gateway to the metamorphosis of the self. 


The Arts & Anthroposophy Program has a curriculum spreading over two years. We will not run every session every year. Please see the list of sessions being offered this year below. We will meet for three weeks each Session virtually on a Friday evening and Saturday in person for an experiential learning.  Participants may register for a session or for multiple sessions throughout the two year session rotation. 


Each Session is $450.00

2022 Fall/Winter Sessions  

Fall/Winter Session 2022 

Our Fall and Winter Sessions for Arts and Anthroposophy have been canceled, please reach out to with any questions. 

We will not run every session every year. Register below for sessions being offered this year.