Certificate Completion Program 

"Through study we cannot become teachers.  We cannot drill others into being teachers, because each one of us is already a teacher. Every human being is a teacher but he is sleeping and must be awakened, and art is the awakener.  Nevertheless he will still be a good teacher because it does not depend on the giving out of knowledge but on activating the individuality of the soul upon the pre-earthly existence.  Then it is really the child who educates himself through us. And that is the truth. In reality we do not educate at all. We only disturb the process of education when we intervene too energetically.  We only educate when we behave in such a way that through our own behavior the child can educate himself. "  - Rudolf Steiner

Grades & EC Completion Program

Sound Circle is offering a new teacher training certificate completion program that will allow existing teachers who have significant experience and prior study to complete a course of study leading to a recognized Waldorf teaching certificate. This 13-month program is based on the course content of our teacher education program following AWSNA guidelines that prepare teachers in the following key areas: 

The program is guided by Sound Circle’s experienced faculty.

Program Structure

This program involves participation in summer intensive weeks, independent study, professional development activity, documentation of past learning, and mentoring.  Once an application is received, SCC will assess the prior learning and experience of the teacher and determine whether this program is a good fit. If accepted, SCC faculty will assign a program advisor, establish a program advisory team, and will create a plan and timeline for course completion. Each plan is uniquely tailored to the student’s needs. Over the span of the next 13 months, the student will document prior learning, complete independent study projects, engage in professional development activities, and receive regular mentoring/advising. The advisory team will meet regularly to review and evaluate the student’s work and progress. It is expected that the student will be engaged in teaching and that the program advisor will observe and evaluate the student in their teaching. During the course, students will participate in SCC summer courses and professional development offerings as appropriate (minimum of 5 weeks). The final completion timeline depends on the pace set by the participating student.


To be eligible for this program, a teacher must have a significant background in teaching, Waldorf Education, and Anthroposophy. It is expected that the applicant has 5 years of experience teaching full time as a lead teacher in a Waldorf or Waldorf inspired school, is studied in the foundations of child development and education in the light of Anthroposophy and has completed 300 hours of professional development related to the core areas of SCC’s teacher training program.


Application for this program includes completing the online form (Link Below), providing a resume or CV outlining prior teaching experience and professional development training, and two letters of recommendation. 


The tuition for this program is based on individual assessment. Students are also responsible for any travel or housing costs for residential weeks and for any travel or housing fees for observation/mentoring visits by the student’s advisor/mentor ( 2 visits expected. Local mentors will be used whenever possible.).  SCC is able to work out a reasonable payment schedule with students.

For more information, contact information@soundcirclecenter.org