Teacher Training Schedule Update

"Through study we cannot become teachers. We cannot drill others into being teachers, because each one of us is already a teacher. Every human being is a teacher but he is sleeping and must be awakened, and art is the awakener. Nevertheless he will still be a good teacher because it does not depend on the giving out of knowledge but on activating the individuality of the soul upon the pre-earthly existence. Then it is really the child who educates himself through us. And that is the truth. In reality we do not educate at all. We only disturb the process of education when we intervene too energetically. We only educate when we behave in such a way that through our own behavior the child can educate himself. " - Rudolf Steiner

Summer 2020 Schedule Update

New Cohort Starting June 2020 with Graduation Summer 2022

Continuing and New Teacher Training Classes

In response to the needs of teachers, potential teachers, and school leaders, SCC is pleased to announce revised programs for Summer 2020. We have reshaped our summer offerings and will not be offering our usual cornucopia of public courses. New cohorts in both EC and GS will join our current teacher training groups, with a hybrid of online and in-person (government regulations permitting) programs, with the intention of making the best of both modalities.

Course Weeks

June 20 and 27 (9 - 2pm Pacific): EC & GS New Student Orientation - Online sessions

June 29 - July 3 and July 6 - 10 (9 - 2pm Pacific): Online Distance Learning Courses

Rosicrucian Wisdom, an online course with Holly Koteen-Soule and Somer Serpe 9-11 am, presentation, discussion, and artistic work, with daily homework assignments.

July 25 - August 2: Intensive Week online 9am-3pm

The Cycle of the Year, Festivals, Diversity, and Art.

Specific Grade Level Preparation for GS In-Service Students

In-service grades students will be offered grade-specific preparation support during the months of June and July via Zoom and phone conferencing. These will be individual and small group sessions focusing on essential themes for each grade level. We will engage in a co-creative process with the aim of inspiring creativity and confidence in planning for the year ahead.

Session 1: Discussions regarding child development and essential themes, resources & planning tools for the grade level.

Session 2: Share work, discussion and questions, personal goal setting.

Follow up conversations will be on a case by case basis.

We will schedule these sessions with our practicing teachers as they enroll and re-enroll

SCC Summer Online and In-person Faculty includes;

Tommi Morgan, GS Program Director, 1-8 Specialist

Holly Koteen Soule, EC Program Director, EC Specialist

Tim Morrissey, SWS HS teacher, Math and Science

Nancy Pfeiffer, Seattle WS, HS Arts teacher

Daniel Stokes, Anthroposophical Speech and Drama

Meggan Gill, EC teacher Brooklyn WS, Diversity Specialist

Somer Serpe, EC teacher, Hartsbrook WS

Melissa McCall, Eurythmist, Bright Water WS

Laurie Clark, EC teacher, Denver WS

Michael Soule, SCC Pedagogical Administrator