Summer Intensives

"What is important is that teachers become capable in the presence of each child and in each moment to newly form and reform the educational task. For the true teacher, pedagogy must be something living, something new at each moment….We could even say that the best pedagogy–stated radically–is one that the teacher continually forgets and that is continually reignited each time the teacher is in the presence of the children and sees in the them living powers of developing human nature."

— Rudolf Steiner, The Spirit of the Waldorf School

Summer Offerings 2020

Summer participants from around North America gather in Seattle for week-long intensives on a variety of subjects. In renewing and inspiring lessons, teachers prepare themselves for the coming year along with colleagues and friends in a relaxed, festive and supportive atmosphere.

Our Summer Intensive courses and workshops are designed for current, new, or prospective Waldorf teachers and anyone looking to learn or deepen their knowledge of Anthroposophy.

Summer Offerings 2020: